Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New storage locker

This is the original small locker on the poirt side roughly amidships.  There is a little door that latches on but the front was delaminated with water ingress and fell off with a little tug.

I have been extending the locker under the port side deck to make it more useful.  I kept the original locker structure but ripped off the front with the small locker door.  I made a cardboard template to match the hull line and then made up the new locker carcass as you can see below.

I stuck this up with duck tape then glassed it in with woven tape and polyester resin.  This is a video of the new front which I made in cardboard first.  Took ages to upload the video, is there a trick to reducing the size to post videos?  The front will be screwed in place and then varnished.  I will fit a door to the rear locker like the original and using the original knob.


  1. I need to do something like that as well - during the summer the outboard fell over the other side and mashed my shelf front - so I have a similar job if I can drum up enthusiasm!

    Re. video size - if you change the video definition settings on your camera to a smaller picture (less pixels), the video will be smaller in size as well.. on mine I have 3 settings, 160x120 is the lowest..

  2. Thanks Steve, i will try to change the video settings. Good luck building your locker.

  3. It seems to be a very good idée to extend the locker. It also look very nice. I might do this myself. I also have an alacrity 19 but I don't have the locker you have at the starboard side.
    I also se that you are a follower to my blog "gladius", I'm glad for that. I have started a new blog that might suite you better, "http://www.gladius-sailboat.blogspot.com/" In this blog i try to write in english and I only write and post pictures about my sailboat.
    /Thomas S alias Gladius