Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lets get started...

First Pictures of "Sea Witch"
(Not even sure that is the right spelling could be Sea Wych!)

A Pic of the cockpit, looking dirty but otherwise in good condition. Note bracket for depth sounder, still to see if that works! No winches but jammers which on a boat of this size should be adequate.

All wrapped up, next time I see her I will be loading her on a trailer to bring her home.

A pictue of the inside, all looks original so just needs a good clean up and varnish the woodwork. I will probably use her for a season to see what changes I want to make but I will want to increase the storage and get rid of a horrible ball head loo! I will install a compact portaloo under the step as I had on my Silhouette.

A picture of the stern showing the tranom hung rudder and track for the outboardbracket.

A nice side on pic showing the lovely lines of the Alacrity, looking like a much larger boat than she is.

Well, I have yet to pick up Sea Witch, a Hurley Alacrity 19, but I have posted some pics from the advert to sell and some I took when I went to see her. I hope to tell the story of how I found her and got her home. Then my son Tom and Daughter Becky will help me get her ready to sail.

Bye for now,



  1. Hi Andy, I will be following your progress with interest as earlier this year I purchased a Vivacity 20, which needs a lot of TLC before it's ready for the water - currently on hard standing in West Mersea. My first boat of any size as before this I have only sailed dingies.

  2. Hi Andy, I wonder how water that falls in the square made it to go away? There are two holes in the floor with through-hull that flow underneath but they can often clog .... So I think to make a through-hull in the transom to drain the square if they get blocked. Je'en see one on your boat, what is that? and how high should he do?

  3. Jacques, The small hole in the transom was brass and linked to the cockpit locker on port side. I guess it was where the previous owner kept his gas as he had a small two burner on board. However, the locker was not sealed and the pipe did not run down hill to the outlet so not much good. I have replaced brass fitting with plastic outlet and I will run hose up to deck and down to a hand bilge pump which I intend to locate in the cockpit or starboard locker. Reason pipe running to deck is to stop siphoning of water as outlet is very low on stern. I know what you mean about the two drains in cockpit, they are very small and the pipe is not routed correctly. See Misty blog for pic as pipes shoudl cross over. I think I am going to make mine bigger but not looking forward to taking out skin fittings in hull. That may wait for another year. I think cockpit floor slopes forward so putting a drain in the back may not work as you would expect but interested to see how it goes. I guess it cannot do any harm. Ask on the Alacrity Yahoo site for any comments as I am sure others have tackled this problem before.