Thursday, 24 September 2009

Trailer collected

Pictures of trailer bought from Andy Seedhouse in Woodbridge Suffolk, take a look at his website a vast array of boats and well worth a visit if you like looking around boatyards, and a stroll along the river is a must as well to see the houseboats.

This is a diagram from th Alacrity 19 Yahoo site which has been a huge help in learning about these boats and no doubt will be a source of help when I get stuck!

Well I now have a trailer for Sea Witch as above pictures show. It needs some minor modification but seems sound and has new tyres and bearings seem okay. It used to be for a Silhouette but an Alacrity is only around 200kgs more in displacement from what I have read so I hope it will be okay.

Andy ;o)


  1. good luck we did the same thing last year and had great fun saling all summer in the same boat as yourself take a look at

  2. Hi Andy, greetings from Ireland and a happy new year.

    I meant to respond to you earlier as I and one of my son also got an Alacrity 19' last year, my first boat in quite a few years. I came across it in the South East of England by accident, but as the trailer was not fit for road use, I had to have a transport dolly build to bring both the factory trailer with the boat on it, across to the South of Ireland.

    The Alacrity was a deliberate choice for me as I am a qualified shipbuilder and during the late sixties while serving my time I was also following new boat designs; at that time relative to what was available in affordable sailing the Alacrities and Vivs came out towards the top in terms of quality build and value.

    Two items of specific interest with this contact Andy, first my boat has exactly the same paintwork as yours and she probably has the same spec. too. The second concerns your trailer, I would suggest that you get a launch dolly made and adapt the trailer for it as a) it preserves the wheel bearings of the trailer keeping them out of the water and b) it makes launching and retrieving so easy. Needless to say any advice that I can give you are welcome to. Good luck with your project. Donal.