Monday, 10 October 2011

Hole for heads now blocked up...

I removed the horrid ball head toilet from the boat and I have now blocked up the hole.  Having used a disc sander to clean around the hole on the outside I put a patch of 3 layers of glass fibre matt soaked in epoxy and held them to the hull with a plastic disc held in place with a piece of wood and a brace.  I then went inside the boat and put more epoxy resin and chopped glass matt in the hole as well as a wooden plug. I then put more epoxy on water getting in here!

Here is outside and inside shots... 

This is after I had sanded the area and put some surface filler on the hull.

It just needs a final sand and then it can be primed for the antifoul but that is still al while off.


This is the hole from the interior.  I just need to sand flat and it will be a base for the locker bottom.


  1. Blimey, four attempts to leave a comment, Blogger doesn't like my Yahoo account :)

    It looks like you are doing a thorough and fantastic job. You have more patience than me. I looking forward to see how you get on with the final finish on the decks. I never got around to doing that on Jelly Bean, it always seemed like too big a job.
    Anyway, keep em coming. You are an inspiration :)

  2. Just so you know I'm watching too... :o))

  3. Thanks everyone, much appreciated, I have had lots of problems posting comments and i seemed I was logged into the wrong account but now sorted. I have more to add soon so thanks for watching. Andy

  4. Hi, interesting. My Alacrity has that interior bit, but I found it when I removed the original looking cold box. No hole on the outside... wondered what it had been for... I guess an optional add on... toilet or cooler.. ;)