Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Not a bad Alacrity for sale in Plymouth

Saw this on eBay, probably a bit overpriced as a starting bid on eBay but not a bad boat that with a little TLC could make a good boat.  Keels are like mine not encapsulated but that is not a bad thing.  Interior has been altered a lot so nothing original as far as I can see but not bad equipment.


  1. Bought this boat! A friend and I - complete beginners to sailing but we think it'll make a good first boat. Will have to remember and send some pictures later in the year.

  2. Hi, Good news I hope it goes well and if you need any advice then there are plenty online only too ready to help. Love to see some more pics when you get time, why not start a blog? Where are you based? Regards, Andy