Friday, 15 October 2010

Finally more pics and progress on Seawitch...

Hi, sorry for the long delay in getting anything more on my blog. Life at home has been very busy and whilst I have made progress and taken quite a few pics I have not had time to get them down on here but hopefuly I can make up for it over the coming few weeks and catch up.


  1. Hey Andy, just found your blog, good luck with the reno.
    I'm currently trying to reno - not a major refit, just overdue maintenance and upgrading - while the boat lives in a're lucky to have it at home.
    We've got one of the few bilge keel designs in Australia...a 22ft Jedda.
    Anyhow, have fun and hopefully you'll get her wet soon.
    Cheers Tim

  2. Hi Andy, good job so far, the wife and I have decided to give up on the fishing boats and go for our first sail boat so we can stay on it at weekends instead of camping, just the two of us now as the kids have grown up and flown the nest, the Alacrity is 2nd top of the wish list only just below the Kingfisher 20+