Monday, 18 October 2010

The built in water tank

This was a filler hole for a water tank which was fitted under the deck on the starboard bow. It was a fibreglass tank glassed in so to get to the underside of the pullpit bolts required it to be removed and it had some foul water in the bottom. Originally the water ran through a pipe to a brass tap by the sink. No way I could clean it or want to use it so I thought the best use would be to open up the side and use it like a locker. I preferred to use a small jerry can for drinking water and keep it simple.

The filler hole had no water tight cap to seal it from the spray on the foredeck and just had a perished rubber cap! Also good to stub your toe on no doubt...

After the side of the tank had been cut open with a jig saw and after I had removed all the black crud at the bottom...

You can just see the bottom of the filler pipe protruding. This turned out to be a pain to remove as it was flanged between the underside of the deck and the top of the tank.

I had to remove the top of the tank anyway then I was able to remove the pipe and the pullpit bolts which were nicely rusty anyway. I will line this locker and make a neat frame in wood to finish it off. Another little job...

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  1. when i go , i taake more than 70 liter of water in bottlee, it is necessary to cooking and more ,simplicity is the best way to be sure and safety