Monday, 18 October 2010

Home at last

Seawitch sitting on the front lawn after an uneventful journey home.

Rudder fitted to check fit and see how she looks.

Some pictures of the interior prior to any work. I believe this is an original layout with storage and sink on the starboard side and ball head on the port side. Two quater berths under cockpit. I have no intention to change this layout as I quite like it but the Ball head will have to go...

The bunk at the front has a piece that slides to the starboard to make a double. Not sure if this is a factory fitted option or a DIY job but it seems to work.

Next job was to empty the boat and give it a clean and see what needs doing. Plan to get the boat in the water as soon as possible but having had several boats from 15ft to 50ft I know plans can change and it will be ready when it is ready!

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