Saturday, 23 October 2010

A view looking down as you step into the cabin.  I removed the wooden trim that houses the washboard.  The outer parts were rotten at the bottom.  The inner pieces were fine and just needed sanding.

Notice the wooden step that runs the width of the boat.  This had come away from the fibreglass so I mixed up lots of West Epoxy with some micro-fibres and put it in every crack I could and then clamped it back in place.  It is now bonded in the correct place and just needs cleaning up and a varnish,

This is a picture of the outer trim that was rotten at the bottom.

This is a top view of the old profiles as they fit together.

This is the new outer profile a bit wider than the original but will be more secure.  I routed the rebate and I am using the original inner profile.  I will post pictures when fitted.

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