Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I closely inspected all the ribs when I bought the boat although I was not too worried if any needed replacing as I have done lots of laminating with wood and epoxy. I was please that they all seemed okay untill I found the forward rib was coming away from the glass fibre holding it in place.

With a bit of a tug the rib came clean away from the hull. There was no limber hole to allow water to run aft so any water would have sat against this rib. I am not sure whether to add any limber holes but I will decide before final fitting.

I had a piece of hardwood already cut in a curve and it was perfect so I just laminated two pieces of oak on top to make up the size.

Once dry I planed the wood down to the correct thickness. I then offered up the old rib and marked it out to cut. First time and the new rib fitted perfectly. Now just to epoxy it in. I might put some glass strips over the top as for the other ribs.

I might need to shave a bit off the top of the rib before fixing to make sure the floor sits level.


  1. I am endlessly impressed by people who just pull broken stuff out, make new stuff, and fit it just like that! Enjoying the blog.. more please...

  2. Hi Steve,

    Many thanks I am catching up on the blog and pics but more to show so I will keep it going. Glad you are enjoying it. A