Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rubbing strake

The next two pics are bits of the rubbing strake I removed.  It was in lots of different pieces and differnt woods and some was rotten and badly fitted or lose.  I decided to remove it, some was bolted on and some screwed through the hull leaving sharp screws sticking out inside.

  Whilst I would have liked a wooden rubbing strake I will replace it with a rubber one as below.

The sample on the left is the likely one I will use as it has a lip to accomodate the step where deck overlaps hull.  Plenty of room for some sealant.  The profile is screwed in place then the tube put in afterwards.  Comes in blue, black or red and different sizes.  The second profile from the same company is intersting as you can sand the surface to look like wood from a distance but it is flat profile where is goes agains the hull and I coul dnot get the white part to fit correctly so no use for the Alacrity unless I put an infill piece on the hull before fitting but that would be too fiddly I think.  If you see my link to Misty the Silhouette Edward has used the white profile and it looks great.

I wanted a woode strake on the stern so I laminated three pieces of teak over a former to get the curve and this will be bolted and screwed onto sealant oncce the hull has been painted.  I coatedthe wood with epoxy and it will be varnished to finish it off.  The picture below is looking across the stern from port side.

Below shows a bolt going right through the new strake with a brass plate.  This is on the centre line.


  1. hey Andi, thanks for thoses pictures.
    Can you make another to shox me exactly how does the exit hole in the table and what heights interior and exterior are the inputs and outputs of water ?
    Sure, I have to do that if I do not want water in the square...

  2. Hi Jacques, I see you found the article on "At Last" which shows a drain. Seems to work so I might follow suit. I like the idea of being able to plug it up too if there is a following sea!

  3. yes i see it but how make is yours ? photos and heights ?

  4. Jacques, At the moment all I have done is replace the old brass hull fitting with a plastic marine one. It is not fitted yet so I will let you know what I do.

  5. Hi Andy, a clarification: I thought I saw a photo on the first thru-hull, Drive straight through your transom, is it connected and if so, it opens into what?