Monday, 18 October 2010

Purchase and picking up the boat

Having found the boat on eBay and a trailer from Andy Seedhouse in Woodbridge I went to collect the boat with my 8yo daughter and a friend of mine. We had been trying to work out how to get the boat from the garden on to the trailer and I had all sorts of ideas none of which sounded easy!

The pics above show the garden and the fence that had to be removed and fortunately the owner was having her fence replaced so we arranged pick-up the same day. The fencing contractors had a very large truck with a crane and offered to lift the boat onto the trailer as below.

The truck then reversed into the road and lifted the boat onto my trailer. We strapped it down loaded all the bits and pieces and headed home. The boat trailed very well with no problem and we trundled along the M25 and M23 home to Haywards Heath in Sussex.

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