Monday, 18 October 2010

Main Hatch

Main hatch was in need of a paint and the gelcoat showed signs of cracking and so I decided to remove it. I removed the screws holding the track on and then opened hatch to remove last remaining screws. Notice the mushroom vent, this is just sitting on the spot where there had been a plastic one which had disintegrated.
Once removed it revealed a lot of dirt and more crazed gelcoat. There were some significant cracks in the gel coat and I wondered if the boat had suffered from excessive sunlight or heat sitting in the garden in Kent for 10-15 years but nothing that could not be fixed.
The inside of the hatch was blue fleck paint like most of the boat and may have been original but it was not very nice and I sanded and cleaned it off before sealing any gaps and priming the wood.

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