Monday, 18 October 2010

The rudder...

This was another part of the boat that looked sound on first sight. I thought that a good sand and a few coats of varnish and it would be good as new. On closer inspection I found the two side pieces were starting to come apart from the main trunk of the rudder and I thought a little prising apart and some epoxy and all would be well. I nearly didn't, but when I did prise one side off, I found, like the outboard mountings, the wood was rotting from inside. It was very soft in numerous places. I took both sides off to investigate as you can see below.

Both sides off and sitting side by side. You can see patches I routed out. I had thoughts of routing till I found solid timber and then filling with epoxy but decided in the end the rudder needed new cheeks.

I was fortunate that apart from a very few places the main rudder was sound, phew...

I have not got any pics of the new cheeks being glued(epoxy) and screwed on and shaped but here is the finished article. I used ply for the cheeks and to disguise it I decided to paint it white leaving the main rudder blade varnished. I think it looks good now so I am glad I did it and I can rely on it not falling apart if I get a bit of weather helm!


  1. i haven't the same rudder on mine ! its form in "L" letter and go under the boat for a little part. so my boat can easily put on when i am out of water

  2. Hi jacques, okay interesting and would be good to see a picture if you have one and of the boat. Rgds, Andy

  3. hi andy, excuse my english , i live in France and i have take the decision to create a blog site on my Alacrity MK2 hurley Marine
    here is the link :

    thanks a lot !